Referring a Patient

Give us a call! Please dial 408-934-9617 and press option 3 to speak with a Patient Service Representative.

For a thorough admission evaluation, we will need the following Information:

  • The patient’s medical history and diagnosis
  • The patient’s insurance information
  • The patient’s home and social status, including family and caregiver support

Discharge Planning Tips

Time Frame:

Most routine equipment orders can be processed the same day. However, ventilator discharges can be very complicated and time consuming and may depend on a number of factors that are beyond our control. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you give us (and yourself) at least a 2-week advance notice before the scheduled discharge date.

Common factors that affect a discharge date:

  • insurance authorization
  • the patient’s medical condition and stability
  • availability of the patient’s caregivers for training and their readiness to provide care for the patient at home
  • our ability to arrange a home assessment with the family
  • the readiness of the home to accommodate the patient.

Continuing Education

My Best Homecare is happy to announce that we are now offering CEU classes in home respiratory equipment including home ventilators, cough assist devices, oxygen, etc.

Classes are taught by experienced homecare respiratory therapists. Click here to see the schedule.